Chill Media Room – Photographs


Psolka Photo Chill Media Room

Chill Media Room

Chill Media Room – Photographs

We spent an enjoyable afternoon photographing interiors of a small but wonderful residential project for our long-time client EDG (Electronics Design Group) that I wanted to share. I’m constantly amazed at the level of work they do and how they pack so much technological punch into even the smallest space.

The kids are off to college and we have all this space… now what?  The room that used to serve as the “rec room”, filled with kids playing Xbox, Playstation, Skeeball and hanging out with friends to watch TV, is transformed.

This “chill” media room is an empty nester’s solution of how to best use that now vacant disaster area… I mean “rec room”. A sanctuary that totally encompasses and allows for the client’s passions… listening to 2 channel audio, watching films, reading and enjoying the open air lower deck. A true multi-purpose media room with great ambiance. Emphasizing function over form, the room sports some great elements, including a funky record stand, retro clocks decorating the walls, Eames listening chairs  and attractive, but visible acoustical panels, bass traps and diffusers.


The room also sports some high quality tech. Multi-channel AV, 4K UHD Video, Dolby Atmos 5.1.2, Dialog intelligibility, Tight bass without the muddy boom 2-channel audio, Tube Amplifier, Hi Performance Digital Audio and a Vinyl Playback System. Some new paint, new “adult” furniture, and the peaceful rolling hills outside make for a delightful time, listening, watching or enjoying the night air. We had a lot of fun photographing this space. It was such a comfortable and welcoming room that we really didn’t want to leave …the dog seemed to like it too.

Psolka Photo 2 channel Listening Station

Listening Station


Psolka Photo media room seating

Media Room Seating


Psolka Photo TV viewing area

Television viewing area

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